6.5/10 Free Fire is a fun and entertaining film, while also forgettable and nothing extraordinary. I tend to like films that take place in small, contained areas so you can really get to know the characters and see how the react to their environment around them. This aspect drew me to the film as well as the fact that everyone seems to be trying to kill each other. Plenty of aspects of this film work. The cast is particularly strong and even Sharlto Copley who outside of District 9, has started to become annoying with the roles he chooses but even he is casted perfectly and finally put to good use. Brie Larson and Cillian Murphy continue to do solid work and Armie Hammer you can tell is having a fun time playing his part. The action and gun play are smaller scale in comparison to something like John Wick but still very well executed. The film builds to its satisfying climax nicely and the score and song selections for the soundtrack are perfectly suited for the film. The film also has some good one liners and if you have a dark sense of humor, will provide a few laughs for you as well. On the down side, there are definitely some eye rolling, unrealistic moments that go a little too far over the top. I know this isn’t trying to be the most realistic film ever but certain aspects took a little too much liberty with how unrealistic things became. Despite having interesting characters, we just don’t know anything about several of them. They give some character development to certain characters (the bigger named actors) while neglecting some of the others. It would have been nice if they would have given everyone equal time to get to know their characters better so we cared about them more when they were in danger or lived or died. Overall, the film is somewhat forgettable but still a fun way to kill a couple hours. I would recommend this film as a good rental and if you keep your expectations in check, you should have a pretty fun time with it.

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