6.5/10 Before I review this live action remake of the 1995 anime, I have to state what may be seen as controversial and/or offensive. The original anime is an overrated film. It is by no means bad (in fact I would call it good), just extremely overrated. The ideas behind it were amazing (The Matrix was greatly influenced by it) but the execution was flawed in certain regards and I don’t see why everyone calls it such a classic. That being said, I think that A) I would take the original over this remake in terms of overall quality and B) purists who get butthurt by any changes made in this new version are completely overreacting and need to calm down. Where this new adaptation soars is with its style and visuals. The effects are gorgeous, the action choreography well executed and the production design creates a lush, visual treat for the audience’s eyes. The casting too was well done and each actor delivered with what they were given (even if Juliette Binoche is criminally underutilized). That being said, I think the filmmakers spent more time on making the film “cool” and appealing to a wider audience than they did adapting the screenplay and focusing on the story elements. This version doesn’t really bring anything new to the table in terms of enhancing the original story. It feels content on just Americanizing or Hollywoodizing (I may have just made up a new word) the source material. The final product ends up just being very mediocre and average. By no means bad but by no means good either. A passable film that will entertain you for a couple hours but that I would recommend as a rental and not spend your hard earned money to see in theaters.

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