7.5/10 Dreamworks Animation has been pretty hit (Sing) and miss (Trolls) as of late so after watching the trailer for Boss Baby I had very low expectations. I was really pleasantly surprised to be proven wrong by this one as I really found myself enjoying this film. The trailer only showed the first 20% of the film and I love that they didn’t give away the other 80% of the film, which left me not knowing where the story would go. The voice cast is strong and the film kept me entertained the entire way through. I remember thinking, “Wow this film actually has a really good score for an animated film” only to see during the end credits that Hanz Zimmer co-scored it, which makes sense as to why it was so strong. The story became a bit predictable near the end and hit a lot of the same familiar beats that most animated films for children go through, but I enjoyed the direction they took with the story and they made you emotionally invested in the characters. The animation looked good and was visually stimulating the entire way through. Even though this was based off of a children’s book (which I did not know going into it), this was fairly original for a kid’s movie and this was a solid choice of a book to adapt into a film. So although it had some predictable moments, we could figure out how it was going to end and it doesn’t reach Pixar level quality (when Pixar is firing on all cylinders), Boss Baby was an unexpectedly fun movie that will keep you entertained, have you connect emotionally, give you a chuckle or two and be a great way to kill an hour and a half for the whole family. Check it out.

#30RockabyeBaby / #AlecBosswin / #HitMeBabyOneMoreTime / #TinyTim / #ForeverYoung / #Brats&Dogs

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