7/10 Like covering an old song, Life takes from a variety of sci-fi and horror films but does its best to update and modernize the material. Ridley Scott’s Alien and John Carpenter’s The Thing are probably the two films that Life most borrows from. The story has been done before and the characters are pretty generic but I still enjoyed this film. The pacing moves along at a great speed, once things get intense they never let up so you are never really at ease (which is a great thing for a movie like this), the visual effects look great, it has a great opening tracking shot, etc. The thing I probably liked most about the film though is the ballsy ending. Most Hollywood films take the safe, easy way out and without giving the ending away I will just say I like the direction they took it in and that a lot of people will be shocked as to how the story resolves itself. That being said, in the last few minutes I did easily predict what was going to happen which isn’t a good thing. The ending should surprise you and as someone who never even tries to guess what’s going to happen next, for me to figure it out reasonably quickly is pretty lame. I wish they would have made more of a surprise out of it. So despite the ending (which I loved) being predictable, the story being recycled and the characters somewhat forgettable, the score, acting, intensity, atmosphere, visuals and ending has me recommending this film. Expect Life to be good and not great and you will have yourself a good time with it.

#DyinReynolds / #CalvinCruelidge / #MissionImpossibleRogueSpaceStation / #AstroNotAGoodTime / #SourceGoad / #WhiteMouseDown

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