1/10 Who is more on the spectrum regarding this film? The Blue Ranger’s character or the film’s screenwriter? It is quite the toss-up. This is the WORST film I have seen in years. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and Taken 3 the previous year were the worst films of 2016 and 2015, respectively. This is worse. When the film opens with a character referencing jerking off a bull, you know you are in for a real treat. The cinematography was terrible (in particular the opening chase scene from the cops all from the inside view of the teenager’s car), the special effects were indeed “special”, the dialogue felt so unnatural and forced (the dinner scene at the Yellow Ranger’s house especially), not to mention they repeat lines of dialogue multiple times. The screenwriter ran out of things for the characters to say so he just had them repeat themselves. The plot is terrible, the villain was over the top and like a dumb Bond villain, had so many chances to defeat the Power Rangers but just keeps letting them go. I hate when the villain’s henchmen are just soulless, carbon copies of each other. We have seen that in The Avengers with aliens, we’ve seen it with robots in other films and now with rock monsters in this one. The blatant and embarrassing Krispy Kreme product placement was supposed to partly be played for laughs but instead was just painful to witness. I don’t think I have wanted a film to end more than I did watching this. I didn’t care about most of the characters because they weren’t developed at all or were just douche bags. Zach, the Black Ranger was such a garbage actor (the speech about his sick mom gave me PTSD to Anakin Skywalker in Attack of the Clones) and his facial expressions when he was in his vehicle near the end made him look like he was constantly taking a dump. How the Rangers’ vehicles combine to form the Mega Zord was totally stupid and without logic. There were some many clichés (During the next Oscar ceremony at the “In Memoriam” section they should have a compilation of how many sinks have died at the hands of people learning they have super hero abilities) and the movie was predictable. This film felt like an insult to the viewer and if you thought this was high quality art then I pray you don’t reproduce.

#Ritarded / #SpecialEdEffects / #ZordonOfTheDead / #GoldenPowers / #RangerDanger / #ThatAintNoFemaleBull

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