Get Out 7/10 Films like this are exactly why I prefer to see films on opening weekend before the hype has been built up around them. Get Out is a good movie. It is for the most part original (although this premise would never actually happen), it has solid acting performances across the board, is well directed with some solid visuals and I enjoyed watching it. That being said, it isn’t the 99% on Rotten Tomatoes/amazing/fantastic/ (insert overly dramatic adjective here) movie that the hype would believe you to think it is. This film still has its problems. Although I liked some of the comedic moments to ease the tension, some moments were over the top and more of a distraction (the final scene is the best example of this; going for laughs over realism to the point of it hurting the film). The film also falls into some horror film clichés (jump scares as well as thinking someone is dead only to have them come back at the last second, which happens not once but twice). For a film that was praised for its social commentary, I don’t really get what the film is trying to say besides “Racism still exists,” which we all already know. I am not trying to sound negative towards the film because I really did like it, I am just trying to keep the hype in check because it has been blown way out of proportion. It has a smart script and I enjoyed that I wasn’t always sure in which direction they were going to take the film. It is more of a suspense thriller than horror film so if you don’t like scary horror films, never fear, this film is not very scary. It does set the tone and mood well though so I must compliment the atmosphere of the film as well. Definitely check this film out, but don’t believe people who give it a 10 out of 10 and make it out to be the best horror/thriller film in years. Keep your expectations in check and you will enjoy it a lot.

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