8/10 What a way to end Hugh Jackman’s defining role that he has played for the past 17 years. This is easily in the top three best X-Men films ever made and an emotional rollercoaster at that. Hugh Jackman gives his best performance as Wolverine and although we have seen him struggle in past X-Men films with who he is and the curse of being alive for hundreds of years, this film really is a character study on him and it highlights that even more so. The little girl named Laura in the film is the standout newcomer and does an amazing job of acting, speaking two languages and just being an overall badass who kicks as much ass as Wolverine does in the film. The relationship between Laura and Logan is extremely well done and because the film is so emotionally engaging I found myself holding back tears by the end of the film. The R rating suits the darker story well and the violence is well done, realistic and fun to watch. The fight choreography is also the best I have seen in an X-Men film. The special effects were great (only one shot I could tell was fake) and the pacing was strong. There are two downsides though, one also due to its R rating. Although the violence was a welcome addition that felt natural and suited this story, the language and cursing did not. When you have a character like Professor Xavier who has never uttered any strong language in the previous eight X-Men films suddenly dropping F bombs left and right, it felt totally out of character and more like they were just trying to earn their R rating. Same with Wolverine but to a lesser extent since his character does cuss from time to time. Finally, the film’s biggest flaw is the same problem the non-20th Century Fox Marvel films have…weak villains. I know the story’s main focus is on Wolverine, Professor X and Laura, but you still could have had some villains with some personality that were well developed and fleshed out but instead we get forgettable, generic bad guys that only hardcore fanboys will even be able to name a week after seeing the film. Other than those two complaints though this film really is fantastic and if you are a fan of X-Men, superheroes in general or want to see a fitting farewell to Hugh Jackman’s greatest role, do yourself a favor and check this out immediately.

#XMenGonnaGiveItToYa / #ExProfessorX / #CalibanSuicideBomber / #2Shanez / #StephenMerchantsOfDeath / #LimoHelsing

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