3.5/10 I understand that comedies can be as over the top and as ridiculous as possible for laughs. But I also realize that there are many different kinds of comedies and the most ridiculous ones are generally reserved for spoofs. When a film like this is grounded in reality but is so eye rollingly over the top and maybe the most inaccurate representation of a high school I have ever seen, then one’s suspension of disbelief can only be stretched so far. Besides literally nothing in this film being believable, it also just isn’t that funny. I laughed a few times but most of the biggest laughs in the film are given away in its trailer. Most characters felt like rejected “Saturday Night Live” sketches as opposed to real people. Christina Hendricks is totally wasted and if you removed her character completely from the film, nothing would change. I felt like every scene with her was a deleted scene that got put back into the movie to pad the running time. Charlie Day and Ice Cube do a solid job but they are playing the same characters they have played before in other movies. The best things I can say about this film are probably that Jillian Bell is the standout comedic role in this film and that the actual fight at the end of the film was pretty epic (although, like the rest of the film, totally ridiculous and unrealistic). This film is about as enjoyable as Ice Cube actually beating your ass. Stay in school kids and skip this dud.

#GetFisted / #TheBreakfastFightClub / #ItsJustAPrankBro / #CharlieDayOfTheDead / #xXxStateOfTheTeachersUnion / #SchoolBored

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