7.5/10 It is somewhat surprising that this film failed to make a bigger splash at the box office. It’s February release date (as opposed to October) might have something to do with that but this film should have done better. It is not without its flaws (the main character is hard to root for at times and it borrows slightly from other horror films) but there is a lot to like about this film. Most horror films tend to be low budget (Paranormal Activity, Saw, It Follows, The Witch, The Bye Bye Man, etc) but this has some of the best production values I have ever seen in a horror movie. This movie looks like it cost $60 million to make (it cost $40 million) due to its amazing production design, gorgeous locations and some fantastic cinematography. Although some plot elements may seem a bit of a stretch/hard to believe, overall the story holds up and is original enough to draw you in. The acting is solid and it is great to see the underrated Jason Isaacs (Harry Potter, The Patriot) getting a solid lead role. The film is rather disgusting at times so if horror movies easily gross you out then you will want to skip this one but if you like horror movies and are looking for something new to check out, I recommend you give this well made film a go. Although it isn’t as strong as the original (English language) The Ring, it is good to see Gore Verbinski making horror films again.

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