7/10 The award for the strangest film of 2016 goes to…Toni Erdmann! This is a three hour long German film with some graphic nudity in one scene and a man masturbating onto some food and then a woman eating that food in another scene. So if any of those things aren’t your cup of tea, you will probably want to look elsewhere. Otherwise, this is actually a good movie, adult themes aside. When the credits started rolling I initially thought, “What the Hell did I just watch?” but as more time passed, this film really stayed with me. The film is basically about a father/daughter relationship. At first, the father was such a weirdo and kept intruding into his daughter’s life in such an annoying fashion that I figured I wouldn’t like the movie because I didn’t have anyone to root for and I just felt bad for the daughter. But as more time passed, the father’s abnormal qualities start to grow on you and you realize that even though he shows his affection in totally peculiar ways, he still does it out of love for his daughter. Every daughter’s relationship with their father is different, this one just so happens to be very strange but is in no way less loving or important. Out of every film in 2016 I will say that this film had the single most memorable scene in it, which is saying a lot. The scene I bring up isn’t even one of the weirder ones or one of the sexual scenes, all I will say is that it involves a Whitney Houston song. The acting is also phenomenal across the board on this one. This film is probably only going to appeal to you if you like foreign films and strange films at that, your average moviegoer probably won’t find much to appeal to them here but if you are a fan of strange, foreign films, I recommend this heartfelt movie that will grow on you over time.

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