7.5/10 Illumination has been pretty hit or miss with their animated films but this one is a hit. While it is nothing to blow you away and never quite achieves that Pixar level magic (when Pixar is bringing their A game), this is a fun film for all ages. The characters are diverse and casted perfectly, I love that every actor they chose for the cast sang all of their own songs instead of having singing doubles and the film just leaves you feeling good after you leave the theater. I actually think this is stronger than a couple of the films that got nominated in 2016 for Best Animated Feature. There are 117 songs (generally just several seconds from most songs but in a few cases the entire song) and whereas on one hand you have the “Suicide Squad” effect where you just throw in a ton of great songs but without much finesse to it yet on the other hand the songs they did pick (and in particular the ones that they actually played/sang the entire song for) were chosen very well and suited the characters perfectly. Some of the stars you couldn’t really tell whose voice it was (Reese Witherspoon) whereas others you could totally tell (Matthew McConaughey) whose voice was doing the part. So overall this was emotionally engaging and kept me entertained with its solid pacing. Some kids movies are fun for just the kids but not the adults but I felt this movie is something that kids and their parents could enjoy. Check it out while you wait for the next Disney/Pixar film to get released.

#TopKoalatySinging / # ATimeToQuill / #RightSinger / #ThereWillBeFlood / #TheJazzSwinger / #NormanPawsBorn

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