4/10 Once again proving that Rotten Tomatoes, although an ok starting off point, is not without its total failures. You’d think a film with a 96% on RT would be good but you’d be 100% wrong on this one. The most pretentious film of 2016 easily goes to Paterson. This film tries so hard to be so deep and poetic (a man named Paterson living in Paterson?! Oh wow!) and instead comes off as contrived and shallow. It reminded me of Terrance Malick, another director whom has become a parody of himself and is so pretentious but every film nerd praises as so deep and spiritual. Adam Driver and the supporting actors are the only real highlights. Besides the solid acting, the film is well made from a production standpoint. Story however is slow, boring and unattached. I liked the character of Paterson but didn’t really care what happened to him because he was so basic and generic a character. His girlfriend was pretty one note as well. The number of coincidences in this film made me roll my eyes. After his girlfriend says she had a dream about twins, Paterson sees one pair of identical twins per day for a week straight. How realistic…I kept waiting for some deeper message to emerge and it never did. This film just thinks it is smarter than it is so I urge you to be smart and skip this dud.

#AdamBusDriver / #DogGoneIt / #TheNotebook2 / #MatchstickMan / #KyloPen / #ThisIsBus

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