8/10 It seems a vast majority of the original films coming out today are based on true stories, especially films released around Oscar season. If they stay at this level of quality though, then keep on bringing them! This movie may not have received any Oscar nominations but it is a really fascinating story about the origins of McDonald’s and how Ray Kroc (the OG Mark Zuckerberg) screwed over just about everyone he could in order to build up McDonald’s into the juggernaut that is has become to this day. Michael Keaton continues to do great work and has been on one Hell of a hot streak with his performances these past few years (Birdman, Spotlight). The supporting cast is great too and it is great to see character actor John Carroll Lynch get a much bigger role than he normally gets. The recreation of the time period is well done in terms of production design and costumes. My only real complaint was Kroc’s wife, played by the talented Laura Dern, was totally wasted because her character was so underdeveloped and didn’t do anything the entire movie. Pretty sad to see how her husband treated her but it would have been way more sad and emotional if I would have cared for her character from it being developed properly. The film’s score was strong in some areas and mediocre in others so overall nothing to write home about. Overall though, the fascinating story, solid pacing and great ensemble acting make “The Founder” a film worth seeing. I definitely recommend it.

#BattleRoyaleWithCheese / #KrocOfShit / #MacDaddy / #NeedForGreed / #QuarterFounder / #MealOrNoMeal

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