6.5/10 Much like the recent “Live by Night”, this is a film that did terrible at the box office but didn’t really deserve to. It is no means great and could be waited on as a rental instead of seeing it on the big screen but it does more good than bad and is still worth seeing. I was unaware of this true story so it is always fascinating learning about events that you didn’t previously know about. It portrays how greed and selfishness can be toxic and self-destructive which will always ring true. The performances are solid although Matthew McConaughey is playing the same type of role that he usually plays. He is at his best when mixing it up and playing against type cast (Dallas Buyers Club, True Detective) so although we have seen him play this kind of part before, he still committed to the film and gained a lot of weight so I respect him for that. The rest of the cast does a good job with what they have to work with too. My complaints would be that I felt underwhelmed afterwards, wish we would have gotten some more information with what happened in the aftermath of the film and there is a part when a certain relationship in the film deteriorates but it comes so suddenly and out of nowhere. They should have properly built up to it by showing cracks in the foundation of the relationship over time before it breaks down. So this film isn’t going to make any best of the year lists and the box office receipts are terrible but give this a rental when it comes out on DVD with mild expectations and you won’t be disappointed.

#FoolsGold2 / #LiteralGoldDigger / #GoldYoursGoldMine / #KennyWellsDigsAndMines / #GoldenTry / #HouseOfShards

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