3/10 If you haven’t seen the film “It Follows” from 2015, you should watch it. It was the best horror film of that year and made my Top 10 Best Films of 2015 List and is now on Netflix. Why do I bring up that film? Because this film is basically a rip off of that superior film. This movie has so many horror film clichés. Characters do totally stupid things, logic is thrown out the window, the characters are two dimensional, etc. This is just a poorly written, forgettable, lazy movie. The only reason I gave it a 3 is because it does have some genuinely scary moments that freaked me out (probably didn’t help that I saw a 10:50PM showing alone) and it didn’t rely on cheap jump scares. So the atmosphere and mood were good but that is literally it. The acting was weak (it is sad to see Carrie-Anne Moss drop to this level of film), the special effects were low budget and I couldn’t have cared less about what happened to the characters. The ending was stupid and leaves room for a sequel that I pray to God never happens. Skip this and watch “It Follows” on Netflix and thank me later.

#ByeByeCurious / #DontSayItDontSprayIt / #DontThinkTwiceItsAlright / #MusicByNSYNC / #RunATrainOnHer / #HammerTime

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