9/10 The trailer for this film was a bit underwhelming and didn’t appeal to me all that much and I have never heard of the director of this film so my expectations were somewhat low. But after glowing reviews and a Best Picture Oscar nomination, I had to check this out and I was glad to be proved wrong about this movie. This is another historical story about events that I really knew nothing about (and I assume most people don’t), that educated me in an entertaining way with great pacing, phenomenal ensemble acting and an overall feel good message that resonates. I was watching and critiquing the film, waiting to find major flaws or eye rolling moments that were over the top and they never came. The only minor complaints I had were that some of the special effects were clearly fake (although that is due to budget restraints) and in the case with almost every movie with crowd scenes, any scenes with crowds of people always come off as fake/cheesy. Kevin Costner (who is great in the film) tells a cheesy joke and the whole office laughs together and it just comes off as forced. Other than those two minor complaints however, this is a great film that really impressed me. Although not for infants or children, this is a film you could watch with the whole family (I would say 10 and over for kids because any younger probably wouldn’t hold their attention span) due to the message it conveys and how well made this film is. The recreation of its time period with its costumes and production design is very well done. Director Theodore Melfi is now on my radar and I will be looking forward to his future films to see if he can replicate top quality entertainment like this. Check it out!

#AndNowYoureBlackFromOuterSpace / #BlackWidow / #SpaceRaceRelations / #GalaxyOppressed / #TheBigBangLeery / #GirlWithAPearlNecklace

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