5.5/10 I liked Denial which I saw a few months ago but my biggest chief complaint was that the direction and the film itself was a bit vanilla/plain. Well Loving makes Denial look like a Wes Anderson film. Loving has some great performances, does a great job of recreating its time period through costumes, props and sets and tells an important story. However, despite this being an important historical lesson, I just don’t feel like there was enough material to stretch this out into an engaging full length feature film. At least Denial had more emotion in the court room scenes. Loving skipped out on the courtroom drama for more scenes of the Loving couple together. That would be fine if there was more for them to do as characters. This is a rental at best when you’ve seen everything else. Not a must see at all and very forgettable.

#WhiteMenCantHump / #BlackWhiteAndWedAllOver / #RunawayBride2 / #ThePigmentBride / #TheWeddingGift / #BlueLivesShatter

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