6/10 I never played the video games on which this film is based so video gamers may have a different take on this film than me. However, this should be aimed at the video gamers and non-video gamers alike. I loved the cast (even though they’ve had much stronger material to work with in other films they have all done), the production and costume designs were Academy Award level quality, the score was overall solid (although the songs they played in the opening/closing credits were pretty awful and sounded like they were rejected from the Daredevil soundtrack) and the pacing was solid. However, there were some unanswered questions/things just flat out not explained, a ton of coincidences, chase scenes looked cool but were way over the top/unrealistic in terms of where bad guys were popping out of and supporting characters with no personalities. So overall it was decent and if you just want some cool stunt work, you can have fun with it but if you aren’t a huge fan of the video games then you could probably wait to rent this.

#AClockworkApple / #TemplarOfDoom / #MusicByCreed / #ParkourPorn / #Gamer2 / #WelcomeToTheHood

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