6.5/10 So I have pretty mixed feelings on this film. First off, this is a better film than The Force Awakens due to a much stronger storyline and less plot holes. However, The Force Awakens is a more fun, enjoyable film with better characters. So although this is a higher quality film, I would much rather watch The Force Awakens, despite its massive flaws (if you want to go to My Notes back a year ago, you can read my lengthy review of why The Force Awakens has so many problems). Here is what I liked about Rogue One: I loved how they tied the story into A New Hope perfectly and actually strengthened A New Hope in terms of giving the Death Star a solid reason for its flaw. I have heard mixed responses on the score but for it being a non-John Williams score, I personally thought they did a solid job with how little time they had to score it, despite not having a memorable theme. I liked the action scenes and the majority of the special effects. I liked the ballsy ending that is extremely rare for a blockbuster to have and I do like that the characters were more average Joes as opposed to being “Chosen Ones” who were destined for greatness. This film has quite a few problems though. The characters were underdeveloped and therefore I didn’t care for the vast majority of them at all, I had trouble understanding some of Forest Whitaker and Diego Luna’s dialogue due to either them slurring their lines or having too thick of an accent. The blind character was probably the most annoying thing about the film. I didn’t believe for a second that he could do the things he could do. He was way over the top. The CGI Grand Moff Tarkin looked so distractingly fake that it took me out of the film, especially when he stood next to real life humans. Plus, they had a lot of close ups on his face which was not a smart idea. Darth Vader was a pro and a con. He was the coolest/most badass part of the film but that is also a con because when you are trying to establish new characters you probably don’t want the best part of your film to be an older character who overshadows all your new ones in two minutes of screen time. I could go into more details about plot holes (the squid monster thing who is supposed to read minds but apparently just didn’t because Forest Whitaker still didn’t know if the defector was telling the truth or not?) but I don’t want to get into spoiler territory. Feel free to message or call me if you want to talk more specifics or spoilery content regarding the film. It is worth seeing but I am still waiting for a great Star Wars film to come out in my life time. This could have been so much better.

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