10/10 I thought when I started these official movie reviews back in January that a perfect 10 would mean just that…that the film was PERFECT. But then I have realized over this year that there is no such thing as a perfect film. Even the best films or ones I love most are not perfect. So a score of 10 would just never happen. So I decided to make a 10 as close to perfect as you can get without of course actually being perfect. This is the first film I have given a 10 to. To warn you it is an extremely emotionally wrenching film (I cried in 4 or 5 different scenes) so if you want a feel good film, this isn’t for you. However, if you don’t mind some sorrow in your life, this film is unbelievable. The script is flawless and this world feels so authentic and real. There isn’t a single unbelievable or eye rolling moment in the film. Humor is perfectly sprinkled throughout to balance out with all of the heavy subject material but without being overdone or shoehorned in (take note, Marvel). The acting is phenomenal across the board with Affleck of course being the stand out. The only minor nitpick is that Matthew Broderick cameos for one scene and he just felt out of place/miscast. I don’t want to drag this review out too long but all I can say is that this is the best film of the year and I think they should write on the poster, “If you see one film this year, see Manchester by the Sea” – Jarrod Hallman, “Mother’s Basement Weekly”

#DontForgetToLogOut / #ManchesterDivided / #GoneBabiesGone / #DawsonsBleak / #EarlyMortician / #FridayNightBarFights

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