9/10 How this film isn’t going to get nominated for Best Foreign Film is just beyond me. It is extremely rare that I walk into a theater not knowing a single thing about a movie. This was the case with The Handmaiden. I hadn’t seen a trailer, didn’t know what it was about, etc. All I knew was that it was directed by the great Park Chan-wook. Now before I go on praising the film you should know this. This is a foreign film, it has extremely graphic sex scenes (the most pornographic I have ever seen in a film) and it is just shy of being three hours long. I am sure a good number of people would be turned off by one or two or all three of those reasons. Because none of those turned me off, I absolutely loved this film. In regards to its length, if a film is good and well-paced, then I don’t care if it is 10 hours long. This is a film that is fantastic and well-paced so it doesn’t feel like 3 hours. The story is so complex and takes so many twists that you wonder what will happen next and how we go to where we are. It had more twists and turns than Michael J. Fox on a roller coaster. The cinematography and costume designs are top notch. The score and production design are some of the year’s best. It really is a unique film that I absolutely was blown away by so if you aren’t turned off by any of the three things I mentioned, this is a must see for fans of foreign films.

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