7.5/10 I give this film credit for having the most disturbing opening scene of all time. It is literally morbidly obese full nude women dancing…and you see ALL of them. Thankfully, things can only go up from there. I liked a lot about this film. The acting was phenomenal across the board (Michael Shannon continues to impress), the production and costume design were top notch and visually this is a well shot, beautiful looking film. My biggest complaint though is that this film has three stories going on at once. The main story, the flash back elements and we see the book that Amy Adam’s character reads. My problem was that the book section of the film was so much stronger than the main story and the flash back. I just kept wanting the movie to go back to the book section because the other two parts weren’t anything special or anything we haven’t already seen before. Still a good film overall that I would recommend (it is pretty dark though) but this film will definitely not be for everyone.

#YoureAStrangeAnimal / #HastingsAndHastings / #TheWriter / #ThankYouForSmoking / #DickSilver / #SuttonlySusan

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