5/10 What a let down from Disney. I guess after so many solid films (“Tangled”, “Wreck It Ralph”, “Frozen”, “Zootopia”) they were due for a misfire. And it isn’t even that this film is bad. It isn’t. It is just totally mediocre and average, which is disappointing because I had heard such good things and had high hopes for it. The voice cast is solid and the animation is stunningly beautiful and creative. The story’s setting feels very fresh as well, which I appreciated. However, this film has only two good songs (“You’re Welcome” which The Rock sings and “How Far I’ll Go”), the latter of which gets played three times (probably because they knew it was so much better than all the other songs). The rest of the songs are either just average/forgettable or bad (the song “Shiny”). The story steals a lot from other movies as well (The Lion King in particular) and even one scene that owes a lot to Mad Max. Recycling a story but putting it into a new setting is pretty lazy. How the villain gets defeated at the end was also embarrassingly bad. This film had potential but a recycled script and a one note, not funny at all sidekick really bring this film down.

#AlongCamePollynesian / #RockLobster / #ItsStillRockAndDrollToMe / #SamoanAndPumbaa / #IslandGirl / #YouveGotCrabs

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