3.5/10 Yikes. You know how there are animated movies that are fun for kids AND adults (“Zootopia”) and animated movies that are fun for the kids but pretty miserable for their parents? This film is the latter. Kids will enjoy the music and how colorful the film is and eat it up. As for us adults, this is pretty bad. It has one of the weakest screenplays of the year that made me question if the screenwriters actually tried or just wanted a quick, easy paycheck. The story was nothing new and the film is just not very enjoyable. The only two positive aspects that I will praise the movie for is the music was solid and catchy and the voice cast was perfectly casted. They nailed those aspects but when every other aspect falls short, you’d be best to avoid this stinker. Throw it on for your kids but then leave the room so you won’t have to suffer.

#CantStopTheFeelingThatThisMovieSucks / #TrollinInTheDeep / #TrollyShit / #ILoveItWhenYouCallMeBigPoppy / #TheDisputeOfHappyness / #TrollModels

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