8/10 As I have stated before, the biggest factor I take into account when reviewing a comedy is how funny it is. Story is important but I will take a hilarious movie with an average story over a movie that has an amazing story but for a comedy is not funny at all. This film is getting an eight out of ten because it is pretty damn funny. If you enjoyed the first Bad Santa, you will enjoy this one. It is extremely politically incorrect (which I love), rude, crude and vile. So if you are easily offended you will want to stay away from this movie. The only thing that makes it not as good as the first one is that the first film had more heart to it. Not that this movie didn’t, but it didn’t have as much. Billy Bob Thorton easily returns back to this role from 13 years ago and does a great job. The supporting cast is solid too. This is just a fun, vulgar movie that is a great alternative to the family friendly movies that we see around every single Christmas that we are sick of at this point.

#DeckTheAlcoHalls / #SantasSleighingSomeAss / #LittleHummerBoy / #TheCrankJob / #SunnySmoke / #LifeAsWeBlowIt

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