7.5/10 It is too bad that this film didn’t do better at the box office because it is actually pretty good. The technical aspects like the costumes, production design, hair and makeup, cinematography, etc. were all top notch quality. Brad Pitt does a good enough job but it is really Marion Cotillard who is the standout performer in the film. I also appreciated the ending and that they went with a ballsy one, instead of your average cookie cutter Hollywood ending. If I have any one big complaint it is just that the film isn’t very memorable. It would probably fall on Robert Zemeckis’s Greatest Hits on the B side. One of those movies that didn’t do very much wrong but you just won’t really remember it down the line or be super excited to revisit. Also, it portrays openly homosexual characters in Britain in the 1940s super casually. Correct me if I am wrong but it was illegal to be homosexual then and would not have just been glossed over as it is in the film. Still worth checking out at least once though for sure.

#MedalOfDishonorAlliedAssault / #TheSpyWhoLovedMe / #SadMaxFuryRoad / #LaVieEnPose / #PolterZeitgeist / #BurnAfterBreeding

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