6/10 A film worth seeing but definitely a disappointment from Marvel. So the positives and things that make the film worth seeing are first and foremost the visuals. These are some of the best visuals I have ever seen in a film before, period. Very original, creative stuff. The direction was also solid and there are a few really good performances. However, I felt like Doctor Strange’s character was too similar to Tony Stark, there was very little character development with supporting characters, Marvel continues to churn out the most forgettable villains imaginable, the talent of Rachel McAdams and especially Michael Stuhlbarg were totally wasted, the score was average and worst of all, the humor totally fell flat…painfully so. I know Marvel is light and happy compared to the darker, grittier DC but I don’t understand why Marvel feels the needs to shove excessive humor into a film that doesn’t need it. Still worth seeing but a big disappointment for me.

#DormamuhogsDay / #StrangeMagic / #DoctorStrangeloveOrHowILearnedToStopHurryingAndLoveTheCalm / #ItsTheWongWay / #TheLevitationGame / #ChildrenOfZen

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