8.5/10 This might be the hardest film to review so far this year. I sat in bewilderment for a few minutes once the credits started rolling. I loved that this was an original science fiction film, in a time where original movies are hard to come by (and yes, I know it is based off of a short story but still). I love that the acting was phenomenal (I love when films use Jeremey Renner instead of always using him as a supporting character like in the “Avengers” and “Mission Impossible” franchises). I loved that I had no idea what was going to happen and where the story was going to go (thank you to the marketing team for making a trailer that doesn’t give anything away). Lastly, from a technical standpoint I loved most of what I saw, like the special effects, the production design, costume design, etc. Minor complaints that I had were that Johan Johansson’s score, while decent, was definitely not as strong as some of his other work (like last year’s “Sicario” for example) and the cinematography was mostly overall good but had a few questionable decisions there. Minor complaints aside, I definitely recommend this film and hope people support more original films like this.

#VersedContact / #SavingMrsBanks / #TheTimeTravelersWife / #PalinDroningOn / #TheSpirtLocker / #SpawnSacrifice

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