9/10 So far, this is the best film of 2016, which is a bold statement but this is a bold film. Gibson shows you how brutal and graphic war is and doesn’t shy away from the bloodshed, which I appreciated. Andrew Garfield and the cast give all around great performances. I thought Vince Vaughn was miscast at first but he actually sold me on his role as the film went on. There are some genuinely funny moments, plenty of heartfelt moments with Garfield’s family members in the film and the sorrow of loss. The battle scenes are extremely well done, the film is well shot and scored and it is just overall a fantastic movie. My only minor complaints were that the film ended rather abruptly and that Garfield’s wife’s character disappears halfway through the film and we never see her again. I wish they would have utilized her character more. Also the lack of swearing in a war film can be seen as unrealistic.

#HugoGrieving / #HacksawRidgeOnTheRiverKwai / #GloverAndAFighter / #BetterSledThanDead / #HaveACAR / #UnconsciousConscientiousObjector

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