8/10 I actually cried more in this movie than the previous 68 films I have seen in 2016. That should tell you that this film is emotionally gripping. It will sadden you with the lives that were lost and anger you with the ending results that happened at B.P. The film is well made from a technical standpoint and although many of the supporting characters are pretty underdeveloped and forgettable, the main characters are fleshed out fairly well. The fact that this is a true story from only six years ago adds a layer of fascination for me. Definitely a film worth watching if you get the chance that will stay with you for a few days afterwards. If not in theaters, then definitely give the film a rental.

#OilRiggedForHerPleasure / #OilOilToilAndTrouble / #TheBigSpill / #MiracleOnTheKateHudson / #OffshoreBodyCount / #EscapeFromEPA

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