7.5/10 Although not extremely memorable and a few head scratching moments, I was pleasantly surprised by this film. Ben Affleck kicks some major ass and did a solid acting job. The story had a few too many coincidences but was still an engaging story. The cast was almost all solid and I LOVE me some Anna Kendrick, whose acting was fine, but I feel like she was miscast in this role. The action was well done, from a technical standpoint it was well made/shot/edited, etc. It will definitely entertain you and I recommend seeing it. Its flaws are pretty minor/forgivable and shouldn’t take away too much from your enjoyment of this film.

#YouCanAccountOnMe / #MurderByNumbers / #CalculatedKiller / #DeathAtAFuneral / #AutisticCoefficient / #TheLastFiveYearsOfSpreadSheets

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