7/10 Clint Eastwood once again proves what a consistently good film maker he is, but this film definitely has its shortcomings. Laura Linney’s character (Sully’s wife) and their kids are totally wasted and provide nothing to the film. You could have cut them out and the film wouldn’t have changed. The score was solid closer to the end but there were moments closer to the beginning that felt out of place/awkward. They also bring up marriage/financial troubles but then never touch on them again/leave them left unresolved which was strange. Some shots of the plane crashing also looked pretty fake/cheesy, but then realistic in other scenes. Despite these complaints, the acting was solid, I enjoyed that they had a lot of character actors pop up for one or two scenes, the pacing was well done, it is a very interesting story that educates the audience in an entertaining way, I was very emotionally engaged (definitely shed a few tears) and I still definitely recommend seeing this. I just wish they would have worked on the script a little bit more before making this film.

#TheDarkFlight / #ThePolarDistress / #Splash2 / #PlaneWhiteFreeze / #MusicByJenniferHudson / #TakeMeToThePilot

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