6/10 I watched “The Seven Samurai” and the original “The Magnificent Seven” before I saw this remake. Although this had a very likeable cast and the action was elevated up to today’s standards, this film just didn’t bring enough new and fresh elements to warrant being remade. It is too similar to the original (although I am glad they dropped the romantic subplot) in too many ways. The villain was also totally two dimensional and forgettable, a real wasted opportunity. If you have not seen the original or “The Seven Samurai” on which the original was based, then this is a fine way to kill a couple hours. Just don’t expect it to be very memorable or a game changer for the western or action genre.

#TheNotSoMangnificentSeven / #SevenRidesForSevenBrothers / #BogueOne / #NationalSaloonsWildWestVacation / #FightPlan / #IFoughtOutlawsAndOutlawsWon

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