5/10 If I could sum up this movie in three words it would be this: “Diet Gone Girl.” The entire time I watched this movie which was similar in many ways to Gone Girl, I just thought how I would rather be watching Gone Girl. This film is very mediocre. There are things to like, such as the solid ensemble acting (although Lisa Kudrow seemed more of a distraction to me) and the actual production values are high and very well made. It is the story though and the payoff that fall flat and have been done better by other authors and directors. Quite a few things were questionable and unrealistic, but I won’t get into spoiler territory here. This would make a decent rental but I would definitely skip seeing it in theaters, unless you set your expectations to be pretty low.

#GoneGirlOnTheTrain / #JustinOtherAbusiveHusband / #ShouldHaveThoughtItTheroux / #Trainspotting / #SorryToBeBlunt / #AnnaAndTheFling

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