3/10 I can’t believe this film did as well as it did at the box office. I guess comedies are cheaper to produce, but the word of mouth on this film should have been toxic. The only positives I can say are that there are a few genuine laughs and clever one liners. The positives end there. The story was awful (even for a comedy), I didn’t believe these characters or their actions (Mila Kunis would have never married/stayed married to that guy), the PTA meetings were 98% women (I guess dads barely exist in this movie’s universe), it was so over the top to where I was eye rolling, the way the kids turned around at the end came out of nowhere and was in no way earned, etc. This is the lowest common denominator of comedy that you can get and the movie going audience and women (whom this movie is aimed at) deserve way better than this garbage.

#BreakingBadMoms / #VeronicaMarsNeedsMoms / #That70sWoe / #PTANotPaulThomasAnderson / #DrivingMissCrazy / #TheElitistThing

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