6.5/10 I give this movie props (improv game reference) for feeling pretty realistic and making the characters feel genuine and believable. The story is simple yet heartfelt. It has its problems though. First off, this movie has Kegan-Michael Key from “Key and Peele.” The problem is that he does impressions/sketches/jokes that he has already done in “Key and Peele” (his Obama impression and making fun of Liam Neeson/Taken) which felt lazy and took me out of the movie. Also, after watching the superior “The Hollars” which had the perfect blend of comedy and sorrow, this felt like it was way more heavy on the sorrow and not so much on the comedy. Speaking of the comedy in this film, a bit of it fell flat. So it has its good and bad but I can really only recommend this as a rental.

#DontThinkTwiceItsAlright / #CommunityTheater / #BlandUpComedy / #Key&FamiliarFeel / #KillBillsDad / #LeftAnImpression

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