2/10 Ugh, where to begin? I liked the original Blair Witch Project for what it did and how revolutionary it was when it came out. The sequel was one of the worst films I have ever seen but after hearing some positive things about this one I thought it might be a step back in the right direction. Boy, was I wrong. This movie is everything wrong with horror films today. From the cheap jump scares to characters splitting up/other totally dumb decisions to the complete lack of character development to the fact that it just wasn’t scary, add up to a disaster. The camera also switched between a cinematographer (like most movies have) to the characters themselves having the camera and us seeing their perspective. Picking one or the other would have been wise as just jumping back and forth is jarring and unnecessary. The only praise I can give the film is some really great sound design/sound editing but other than that, check out the similarly titled “The Witch” from earlier this year if you want to see a good horror film.

#GrimAndBlairIt / #JumpBlairs / #RunForrestRun / #CrapinInTheWoods / #GetWitchOrDieTryin / #BlairDevil

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