8/10 This is not the best film of the year (although it is very good) but it is the one that everyone should see most. It is very topical and relevant to what is going on in the world today and it portrays Snowden in the honest way in which he should be portrayed. Our Constitutional rights to privacy is something everyone, Republican and Democrat alike can agree on and this movie helps bring awareness to what Snowden exposed…the government/NSA illegally spying on American citizens and lying about it. The film educates the audience in a clear yet interesting way, is well casted (I enjoyed some big name actors having very small parts) and even though I knew about Snowden, I learned more about him in the process. This is a must see film for all Americans.

#TeamEdward / #SnowJob / #HackLivesMatter / #EpilepticUnconstitutionalSearchesAndSeizures / #NSANationalSpyingAgency / #TheDarkByteRises

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