4/10 Vampires may be immortal, but this franchise is not. I think it is time to put a stake in it once and for all. I will say that the beautiful and badass Kate Beckinsale is like a female Rob Lowe, she doesn’t age. She does a solid job kicking ass and looking good while doing it. The action and fight scenes are for the most part well done/choreographed and entertaining. The costume designs and most of the set designs are solid as well. However, one set design for an icy environment evoked a mixture of the ice castle from Frozen and the ice building from Die Another Day…not in a good way. The visual effects don’t appear to have improved from previous films. The story is run of the mill and the villains are forgettable and cliché. If you want to just totally turn off your brain and see some action, then I understand but this is definitely only a rental for die hard fans of the series. This movie won’t be bringing in new fans and I think it is time we put this franchise to rest.

#UnderDeveloped / #SunDayBloodySunDay / #IDidn’tTakeALycanToThisMovie / #LameOfThrones / #BarbecueWithAVampire / #GothiccAF

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