7.5/10 This is one of those movies that is really well made from a technical stand point and expertly acted (Fassbender is one of the best actors working today and I think I am falling in love with Vikander) but it isn’t a film you ENJOY watching. It is a pretty depressing downer of a movie so you have to be in the mood for it. The pacing is a little slow and you’ll probably need a drink or a cigarette afterwards but I still liked the film. Some of the best films are depressing (“Requiem for a Dream”) and although this isn’t on that level, if you don’t mind more melancholy films, this is a very well made film that is beautifully shot and scored.

#BlindedByTheLightHouse / #LightHouseDown / #GoneBabyGone / #TheMommy / #AdventuresInBabyGetting / #MrAndMsCarriage

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