Finding Dory is not as good as “Finding Nemo” but is still a very cute, entertaining film. Story line wise, it does tread over familiar ground (I wish Pixar would make more original films and less sequels/prequels) and Dory as a character can get a little grating over an extended period of time but there is a lot to like in the film. The voice cast is perfectly cast as usual for Pixar, the animation looks gorgeous, the pacing is strong and doesn’t let up, baby Dory is a cuteness overload and it is just a feel good film. Solid movie but I hope Pixar can lay off the sequels a bit.

#ReMeetTheParents / #MusicByFrankOcean / #ModernFamilyReunion / #DolphinitelyRecommended / #IntoTheZoo / #YoureMyBoyBeluga

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