6.5/10 This is a very flawed but fun film. Most of the cast does a great job, the action is solid and entertaining and I liked the pacing and how it tied into the rest of the DCEU. However, the plot was thin, I had problems with The Joker (who is hardly in the movie), the villain was generic (superhero movies biggest problems today are the villains), half the characters had zero character development and although the soundtrack was good, it was thrown in so lazily with no finesse to it. If you are a superhero fan, I recommend it and you will have fun watching it, just know if you stop and think about it you will realize it has a good number of problems.

#CaptureTheFlag / #RockOutWithYourCrocOut / # CrazyQUINNtessential / #IWishIWasALittleBitWaller / #SquadGoals / #FocusDejaVu

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