2.5/10 What a dumpster fire this movie was. Don’t get me wrong. I knew from watching the trailer that this film would be of Sharknado type quality. Why see it? Well first off, I watch everything (if you hadn’t already noticed) but I also love watching movies that are so bad they are good (like the aforementioned Sharknado). So don’t get me wrong. This movie is complete garbage. Story and plot is a joke, I was stunned that they got the cast that they did for this film (Amy Ryan, why?! Barry Pepper went from working with Spielberg to this abortion?!), I rolled my eyes so many times, people probably thought I had a seizure, etc. There is really nothing redeemable about this film. It is aimed at kids but if you take your kids to movies like this, they have a higher chance of committing suicide at a young age. I don’t have the statistical numbers on that, but just take my word for it. So the only reason I am giving it a 2.5 instead of a big fat ZERO is because if you get drunk you can watch it and laugh your ass off at how bad it is. I enjoyed making fun of this film after a few drinks but watching this sober might be a great new interrogation technique to use on terrorists at Gitmo. Avoid this movie unless you want to get drunk and laugh at how garbage it is.

#RobHitANewLowe / #MotherTruckers / #GoAndGetTrucked / #DodgeThisMovie / #LackOfMoneyMonster / #Octanepus

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