3.5/10 The first live action film was pretty average but because it made over a billion dollars, we get the film that no one asked for. A step down from the first, this movie just seems so unnecessary and has terrible pacing issues. Made it feel like it was a lot longer than it actually was. Sacha Baron Cohen is so over the top (although that is probably the point). The only redeeming quality to this movie is once again the underrated Mia Wasikowska who proves she can carry a film. I just wish she was getting offered better roles. Unless you absolutely loved the first (for whatever reason), you will want to pass on the Looking Glass.

#AliceInChains / #TooMuchTimeOnMyHands / #TheKingsleigher / #DickOfTheClock / #MaliceInBlunderLand / #SweeneyToddReunion

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