3/10 I thought this looked like just a fun, entertaining way to kill some time and watch Jamie Foxx slay bodies. I thought it could be like Taken, a fun action movie that is light on story but you don’t care because you have fun and see some good ass kicking. Well this film was so bad I couldn’t even enjoy that aspect of it. The plot has more convenient coincidences than Aaron Rodgers has Hail Mary’s. I rolled my eyes at how much BS was happening that the film makers wanted me to take seriously. There was virtually no character development and the characters that did exist were two dimensional clichés. You really have to see it for yourself to see how bad this is (although you shouldn’t see this movie). This script and material is so below a few of the actors in this film that I have no idea why they signed on for it. The only positives I can say are the action scenes and some of the production values. But when you have idiotic villains with motives that makes zero sense, cops so worthless they are surely on the autism spectrum somewhere and characters that no one really cares about, not even some decent action can save this turd. Go find an action movie that is actually fun or has a story instead.

#SleeplessInZeBattle / #TipTotallyIdioticHarris / #JamieFauxNews / #UndercoverBrother2 / #BlueDetective / #ADrugsLife

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