6.5/10 After the underrated “X-Men: First Class” and properly rated “X-Men: Days of Future Past”, the X-Men franchise has now started to face some diminishing returns. The “take over/destroy the world” villain types start to get a little stale and action and special effects start to come before the script and logic. That being said, there are some positive aspects about this film. The action and visual are stunning and despite some of the new characters being wasted, the casting choices were pretty spot on. If you like the X-Men franchise, there is no reason to abandon it but this won’t be pulling in any new fans.

#GodsOfEgypt / #WontEarnAnOscarIsaac / #ScottSummersLovinHadMeABlast / #InTheArmsOfAnAngel / #FiftyShadesOfJeanGrey / #ShelterFromTheStorm

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