4.5/10 There are two kinds of Melissa McCarthy movies. The good ones directed by Paul Feig (“Bridesmaids”, “The Heat”, “Spy”) and the bad/mediocre ones directed by anybody but Paul Feig (“Tammy”, “Identity Thief”, etc.). This is not directed by Paul Feig so my expectations were pretty low. Although I was correct in my assumptions because this is a very average, entertaining but forgettable comedy, the one good thing I can say for The Boss is that it had a lot more heart than I thought it would, which helped slightly boost its score. Nothing worth writing home about, the movie is ridiculous and only mildly funny but you do care for the characters and see them develop, which was more than I was expecting. A decent rental if you’ve seen everything else in Redbox.

#NotBruceSpringsteen / #IDidItAllForTheCookie / #CaughtInTheBossFire / #MeetTheNewBossSameAsTheOldBoss / #VeronicaMarsBars / #GilmoreGirlScouts

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