8/10 After rewatching the very lackluster original animated movie from 1967, this film is leaps and bounds ahead of it. It is amazing how far visual effects have come in just the last couple years (compare the animals in this film to the ones in 2014’s “Noah”). This movie is gorgeous, well choreographed/blocked, entertaining from start to finish and fun for all ages. Only minor complaint was in casting. I had mixed feelings about the main boy who played Mowgli, Christopher Walken was miscast and more of a distraction and Scarlett Johansson’s talents were wasted because she was only in the film for five minutes. Other than that the rest of the cast were pitch perfect. I highly recommend this film.

#Khaaaaaan! / #HungryLikeTheWolf / #FirstKhantact / #YoureMyBoyBaloo / #WelcomeToTheJungle / #KingLouieKong

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