5.5/10 Musical biopics, like superhero films, are a dime a dozen these days. They need to do something to stand out to set themselves apart. Despite the talent of Don Cheadle who wore four different hats for the film (director, actor, writer, producer) “Miles Ahead” doesn’t stand out from the countless other similar films. Solid acting and great editing can’t make up for the story we have already seen a thousand times before that doesn’t stay with you for long after the lights come up. Solid for a rental if you’ve got nothing else going on.

#Trumpet2016 / #IfPeeingYourPantsIsCoolImMilesDavis / #ICanSeeForMilesAndMiles / #AndTheTrumpetsTheyGo / #SketchesOfCocaine / #MilesAndTribulations

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