9/10 I had heard great things about this film and they all turned out to be true. An original, topical story with a great script. Funny moments punctuated with emotional impactful moments that will get you to tear up. Memorable, fleshed out characters. Catchy music and a solid score. I could go on but if you haven’t seen this film yet you should just go and see it. It is for adults and kids and Disney has stepped up their animation game to the point where Disney without Pixar (“Frozen”, “Wreck It Ralph”, “Zootopia”) is starting to eclipse Disney with Pixar (the overrated “Inside Out” and box office disappointment of “The Good Dinosaur”). This is a must see film for all ages.

#BreakingBaaaaaad / #NotQuiteMyBogo / #NoFoxGiven / #TheBlamingOfTheShrew / #Zooslander / #DirtyHarey

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